Ayurveda Guide to Your Constitution

Use your scores from the Dosha quiz to determine which constitution best describes your body.





The Elements
Air & Ether
Fire & Water
Water & Earth
Your characteristics: Adaptable, light, energetic, talkative, restless Focused, driven, confident, direct, aware

Kind, calm, caring, stable, comforting

Your qualities: Dry, cold, light, subtle, changing, clear, mobile Hot, sharp, steamy, oily, focused, sour, fluid, spreading

Slow, cool, wet, heavy, stable, moist, oily, dense, juicy, lubricating

Your digestive type: Fast metabolism with poor digestion Easy digestion & elimination

Good digestion with slow metabolism

Your are: Spritiual, intuitive, creative, talkative, artistic, musical, organized, excited, mutable, enthusiastic Expressive, opinionated, strong, intelligent, powerful, competitive, passionate, precise, adaptable

Steady, sensitive, grounded, nurturing, forgiving, stable, reliable, steadfast, generous, patient

Your social type: Communicator, networker, healer, artistic Visionary, planner, producer, leader

Supporter, provider, mother, father

You prefer to: Travel Create


To balance, you need: Strength, grounding, warmth, lubrication Calming, cooling, soothing, relaxation, moderation

Warmth, lightness, movement, motivation, drying

When balanced, you are: Communicative, flexible, networking, adaptable, energetic, spiritual, positive, healing, gracious, thoughtful, creative, an initiator Bright, aware, independent, courageous, warm, friendly, ingenious, open-minded, trusting, brilliant, inclusive

Peaceful, content, consistent, loyal, compassionate, devoted, nurturing, sweet, calm, reliable

When out of balance you are: Nervous, sensitive, uncertain, fearful, impatient, restless, rigid, neurotic, depressed, self-destructive, dishonest, anxious, worried, guilty, indecisive, insecure Reactive, demanding, critical, self-centered, manipulative, vengeful, obsessive, reckless, destructive, arrogant, angry, resentful, jealous, envious, judgmental

Possessive, lazy, attached, greedy, stubborn, needy, controlling, unfeeling, reclusive, secretive, comfort-seeking, in despair, depressed, melancholic

You physically experience: Cold, constipation, gas, pain, dry skin, stiff joints Over-heating, heartburn, inflammation, acidity, excessive bleeding

Weight gain, phlegm, lethargy, high cholesterol, feeling of heaviness


 Nutrition Remedies




Tastes that Balance Sweet, salty, sour Sweet, bitter, astringent Bitter, pungent, astringent
Helpful Types of Foods Warm, wet, grounding foods Cool, thirst-quenching foods Warm, light, dry foods
Examples Cooked root vegetables, soups, stews, healthy oils, minerals, herbal teas, warming spices like ginger, nuts, grains Coconut water, fresh juices, green salads, sea vegetables, whole grains, beans, raw seeds, electrolytes, cooling spices like mint Salads, beans, vegetable juices, citrus fruits, fiber, whole grains, motivating spices like rosemary
Dietary Recommendations Avoid cold foods and skipping meals Avoid alcohol, caffeine, stimulants, overly spicy, fried or salty food Avoid salty foods, oily heavy foods, highly processed foods, red meats, frozen meals, overeating, overindulging on sweets/desserts.  Enjoy fresh, warm, light cooked meals
Prescription for Balance Healthy routines includes meal times, self-massage with warm oils, meditation, balanced breathing practices, leg strengthening yoga and exercise Moderation in all areas of life.  Practices that build compassion like meditation & volunteering.  Cooling breathing practices, gentle twisting yoga postures, walking Avoid a leisurely lifestyle, wake early and avoid naps.  Avoid eating when bored, upset or truly not hungry. Exercise to provoke sweating without disrupting the smooth flow of breath. Heating breathing practices