We’re dedicated to making various forms and levels of yoga available to everyone. We teach Yoga Basics, Hatha, Deep Stretch,  Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa Flow (mixed level and advanced level), and Relax & Restore.
We offer classes and workshops that shed light on traditional yoga philosophies and breathing exercises. Learn to incorporate the nature of yoga with all other aspects of life. We welcome your questions, feedback and insights as we evolve together. 


At Breathe Yoga, our mission is to inspire each student to experience the mind, body and breath connection that yoga offers. Find balance through guided breathing exercises as well as an overall feeling of physical and emotional well being. Follow the breath to physical and emotional healing.
Yoga is one of the only approaches to health that assists in keeping your body healthy, strong, and flexible while simultaneously providing mental clarity and emotional well-being. Available to any level of experience, we combine ancient tradition with innovation. Encouraging and forward-looking, we offer a wide variety of classes- you’re sure to find one to suit your needs.
Visit our new studio located just off of K7 and 83rd in Lenexa, KS where we are eager to help you find balance, find healing, and BREATHE.


22909 W 83rd Street
Lenexa, KS 66227






I am the owner of Breathe Yoga. As many of you know we have been closed since the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020. Little did we know how long that closure would last. We were a studio reliant upon the use of all the yoga props for Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Basics, Chair and Gentle Yoga. Many of our clients were in a high risk category and not feeling safe to come back to the studio. We made the decision to remain closed until Sept. 1st.

During that closure I was diagnosed with breast cancer (August 2020). All plans of re-opening were now on hold again while I consulted with dr’s to figure out a viable treatment plan. I needed to have surgery in September. This would be followed by radiation in October and November. I quickly realized that I would be unable to be teaching in the studio until sometime in 2021.

A COVID-19 PIVOT was going to be needed to save Breathe Yoga. I reached out to Sue Park to see if we could collaborate in an effort to keep Breathe Yoga alive and well while I stay home and heal. Sue agreed to help me out and take Breathe in a new direction. Together, we hope to save this locally owned yoga studio. Together, we are stronger. Now, more than ever, we all need each other. We need your support of our small studio and in return we will support your yoga journey. Together, our goal is not only to survive, but to THRIVE- and we will definitely need your help to do it. Please come in and experience the new look of our Breathe Yoga classes. We truly look forward to seeing you.

Please join us in our transformational journey, TOGETHER.