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Studio Offerings

Mixed Level Flow

Suitable to all levels. This class offers students the opportunity to tailor the class offerings to suit their individual needs. A variety of pose options may be offered- take them or leave them. Resting in downward dog or child’s pose is always an option too. 

Ashtanga Inspired Flow

Emphasis on synching the breath with the movement. This is a great way to “explore” wht a true ashtanga class is like. The set sequence of poses of traditional ashtanga may be explored in a unique offering for those that are just learning ashtanga yoga.

Suited for those with some yoga experience who are looking for a more active class. Each teacher has a unique style and this will shine through in the variety of sequences that he or she creates. Expect to move creatively with familiar yoga postures mixed in throughout.


Slow down and experience the rejuvenating benefits of Yin Yoga. In this class expect longer holds as we work to let the fascia release, creating more ease and flexibility in the body. When you “feel” ready to come out of the pose, pause and stay awhile longer, this is truly when the “work” of simply “being” in the pose begins. Due to COVID-19 only blocks will be used in the studio classes.  

Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow

Get moving in this unique twist on traditional Ashtanga blended with some modern flows to keep your practice fresh and exciting. No two sequences are exactly alike so you get some "spice" with this class format.

Slow Flow

Slow flow is just like it sounds- a slower version of a traditional flow class. Mindful transitions from pose to pose allow you to move freely while still being very aware of your balance and the integrity of your postures.

Yoga Basics

Suitable to all levels. Yoga basics will focus special emphasis on proper alignment for the safety of newer students. The pace of the class is moderate. A great intro to yoga class for those wanting to try yoga. Yoga Basics is a foundational class that meets you where you are today.

I LOVE IT! I’m so thrilled that Breathe Yoga has opened in its new home! It’s a beautiful, welcoming studio offering many different kinds of classes. The space is big enough so that we’re not crowded, but small enough that the instructors can give personal attention to everyone.  I love it!!

Jenn Patel

Rose always provides a great way to start your day or finish your evening! I highly recommend for an intense workout as well as a great spiritual experience!

Charlotte Eichenberg

Breathe Yoga Studio is truly my escape. Amy, the owner, has created a very warm and welcoming environment. It is obvious that she is dedicated to the practice of yoga and that she cares about studio members. I enjoy the variety of classes the studio offers and the instructors are top-notch. Treat yourself and try a class!

Mary Lies, Member since 2017