Digestive Reset Cleanse

Come HEAL & GROW with us at Breathe before the holidays. Before we have a season of processed treats and cheats let’s CLEAN OUT!!!

Whether you’re practicing at our studio or brand new to us we want to invite you to join us for a 21 Day Digestive Reset Cleanse led by Functional Medicine Practitioner Jen Ciszewski & Master Yoga Teacher Sue Park.

 21 Day Digestive Reset Cleanse

How: Sign up HERE for program materials and support
Where: Breathe Yoga Studio to practice & be with the community
Cost: $50 for program & unlimited yoga
  • 21 days of cleansing at your pace
  • Set daily and weekly goals for yourself
  • Cleanse the body from refined sugar, caffeine, dairy, gluten, animal products 
  • Support from functional medicine practitioner Jen + Master Yoga Teacher Sue
  • Cleanse program manual will be delivered via email- must be registered on website or in studio
  • Daily-weekly videos and content to help keep you motivated, inspired with fun recipes, and learning all about cleansing the system from inflammatory foods!
  • We will have a poster board to outwardly display your progress at the studio

BONUS - Keep a food and yoga journal for 21 days in November to submit for a chance to win two (2) $50 gift cards (one to Enjoy Pure Food & one to Pokesan)

Sign Up HERE